Riko Yasumiya, is an artist, who producing visual works and artefacts that relate to human anatomy and how this informs and encourages greater awareness of how the body works with a range of media appropriate to teaching and presentational requirements, including textile, mixed media, 3D construction and installation. The materials used encourage tactile and kinetic responses from those engaging with them while presenting graphic information that relates directly to medical knowledge. 


In history of medicine, understanding the human body is the primary study of rational, medical surgeons. Scientists have always worked with artists to share their theory of human anatomy visually for the purpose of teaching and developing the advances in understanding within medicine. In this historical context between medicine and art, ‘anatomy’ inspires her art concept ‘Art for Medical Education’ (producing visual works and artefacts for medical education with aesthetic). She considers the possibility of the arts as a vehicle for the progression of both medicine and science.

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Feb. Seika Week 2015, Bachelor DegreeShow, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Japan

Nov. Kwi Naishiwa Hui , Kitano Gallery, Kyoto, Japan



Dec. Art Lab, Central Saint Martins



Jan. Studio Reflex , Tate Modern / Workshop

Mar. Appetite, Apiary Studio

Mar. Captive State, Dark Yellow Dot, Number 177

Apr. & Nov. London Laser Labs, Talk Event, Central Saint Martins / Logistics

Nov. Postgraduate Art Auction, Central Saint Martins

Dec. EmbryonicA, Central Saint Marins



Jan. CERN artist residency, Geneva, Switzerland 

Jan. Come together, Tate Modern / Workshop 

Mar. Becoming Hybrid, Central Saint Martins / Workshop & Presentation

Mar. Disjointed Anatomy, UCL Anatomy Society, UCL

May RIFT, Postgraduate Degree sh, Central Saint Martins

May RIFT, Symposium / Logistics & Photography

May Winning the Other Art Fair - Postgraduate Art Prize 2019

Jun. 3.14 Realities, Workshop, Studio Lab of Art & Science / Graphics

Jun. CSM week, CERN, Geneva Switzerland 

Jul. The Other Art Fair

Sep. Graduate Art Prize Showcase, Green Rooms Hotel