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Project concept

Art for Medical Education

I am passionate about producing visual works and artefacts that relate to human anatomy and how this informs and encourages greater awareness of how the body works. My artefacts enable interaction in teaching contexts and environments for students at all levels of education, from Secondary to Higher Education, about a subject matter that is both vital to understanding our bodies but that can also be challenging to present. 


I work with a range of media appropriate to teaching and presentational requirements, including textile, mixed media, 3d construction and installation at scales from handheld to exhibition display. The materials used encourage tactile and kinetic responses from those engaging with them while presenting graphic information that relates directly to medical knowledge. These can be used in different contexts to stimulate interest in and inform about human anatomy, being adaptable to a range of educational and curatorial contexts from teaching in the classroom or laboratory to presentation in exhibition and conference toward educating students and the wider public about human anatomy and how this relates to healthcare and healing processes (exercise, physiotherapy, surgery, etc.).

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